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The Princeton Folk Music Society presents Beppe Gambetta

The Princeton Folk Music Society presents Beppe Gambetta

Friday, October 11, 2019, 8:00 pm | Christ Congregation Church | 50 Walnut Lane, Princeton, NJ

The Princeton Folk Music Society presents a fusion of American and Italian folk music traditions with Beppe Gambetta. Beppe is a guitar master (think Earl Scruggs meets Richard Thompson) who taught himself to flat-pick by listening to bluegrass LPs. He combines the folk music of Italy and points east with the bluegrass style of Kentucky. While he may be best known for his picking prowess, Beppe also is a talented vocalist. He sometimes likes to step away from the microphone so that the audience can enjoy the pure beauty of a performance without electronic enhancements. His performances have been said to ooze charm and humor as he tells jokes and stories to provide context for his music.

While he has been thought of as an ethnomusicologist because of his extensive studies of the music of different cultures, Beppe prefers to think of himself as an “ambassador,” reaching out to bring diverse peoples together. He has traveled to Mexico just to play with a Mariachi band and has sought out Slovakian Gypsies to learn their traditional music. He has been to four continents, all 50 states, and has studied Italian church bell music in his native country. In his younger days, Beppe did a “crazy thing,” travelling across the United States to knock on the doors of many of his “guitar heroes.” Later, he was able to spend time and play with Pete Seeger at Pete’s home. He has performed with many other legendary folk musicians, including David Grisman, Doc Watson, and Norman Blake.

“Get him on a stage and his fingers speak a language all their own. After all, he’s not known as the ‘Italian King of the flatpick guitar’ for nothing.” — Steve Wildsmith, The Daily Times

“His incredible versatility combined with his charm and engaging stage presence make Beppe’s concerts evenings of high quality music and relaxed entertainment. Over-riding all else, however, is the brilliance of his talent.” — Cornish Guardian

“Few players on the planet could so successfully fuse an unwavering allegiance to tradition with impatient, wide-eyed vision, tongue-in-cheek humor with solemn devotion, and folksy song styles with progressive improvisation as Gambetta” — John D’Agostino, Wood & Steel

To hear Beppe Gambetta, visit: YouTube

8:00 pm. Friday, October 11, 2019, Christ Congregation Church, 50 Walnut Lane, Princeton, NJ. Tickets at the door: $25 ($20 members, $10 students 12 - 22, $5 children 11 and under). Ample free parking. For more information: