The World of Work

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Shep Cohen’s interviews with people from all walks of life–workers, authors, entrepreneurs, business owners, organizers, clergy, celebrities…people with big jobs and small–help us get to know what it’s like to walk in another’s shoes. For 20 years now, Shep has been bringing us the voices of people like you and me, people who try to make a difference in this world however they can.


10/4 - Sharon Mark Cohen, genealogist, journalist, and Shep's wife, will reminisce over the 50 years that have flown by since their first date at the Union Drive-In on October 4, 1969.

10/11 - Marjorie Kelly, author of "The Making of a Democratic Economy: Building Prosperity for the Many, Not Just the Few."

10/18 - Ellis Nassour, author of "Honky Tonk Angel: Intimate Story of Patsy Cline." The book is also the basis for an upcoming PBS special.

10/25 - Dr. Steven Weiner, a retired scientist for Ford Motor Company, will discuss his stimulating work with Ford and the numerous countries in which he traveled for Ford.


Carl Reiner

Carl Reiner

Shep Cohen Interviews Frank NapP & Bill Scheffler

Photo credit: Rutgers Magazine

About Shep Cohen

Arnold “Shep” Cohen is a partner at Oxfeld Cohen, a law firm in Newark that represents labor unions and individual workers. He is also an adjunct instructor at Rutgers Law School, from which he graduated. Cohen recently celebrated his 20th anniversary as host of The World of Work, a radio talk show on which he interviews people about their jobs and their work experiences.