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Maybe you heard a song you never expected to hear, or a favorite DJ played a special request. Maybe you made a connection during one of our community-focused talk shows or took an unexpected walk down memory lane as a host shared a personal story. Maybe you just enjoyed WDVR’s company a bit more today, just when you needed it.

If so, please consider adding a few bucks to our Tip Jar when you feel we’ve done an especially good job at serving you the kind of entertainment, information, variety, community and connection that’s important to you.

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WDVR holds two short fund drives each year, but as a wholly listener and local business supported non-profit radio station, we accept, appreciate and rely on additional funding throughout the year. And, as always your contributions are tax-deductible.

WDVR receives no federal funding or large corporate grants and is not licensed to any university; it is a totally independent. All WDVR’s funding comes from listeners and local businesses. Our volunteers give of their time to provide the public air waves and Internet a uniquely diversified format of programming, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. One hundred percent of every donation to WDVR goes directly into the operation of the station.